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Our Most Common Questions

Will this get my clients penalized?

With any link building there is risk. We help you dramatically reduce it.

  • Link Velocity - Dripping Links and System limitations prevent you from accidentally building too many links too quickly.
  • Negative Link Velocity - Our links stick longer. Automatically created links look like spam as more than 50% are deleted within 30 days.
  • Anchor Text Overoptimization - We have a Spintax Tool to help manage your anchor text profile.
  • Link Removal - We can remove a majority of the links we create at no charge.
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What is your pricing?

We only provide pricing to registered customers after verifying their business. Our smallest project size costs $100. There are no set up fees or subscriptions. Pay as you go.

Order Minimums

What type of content is used for the articles?

We offer two levels of content. Our standard Blog Posts use spun content and our Premium Blog Posts use a unique hand-written article for each post. We have not seen any difference in ranking performance between spun and hand-written articles. We create and post the content for you.

Article Content

Are there any niches you don't accept?

We do not allow pharmaceuticals, diet pills, gambling, adult, search engine optimization, internet marketing and web design related keywords. Our service is for ranking clients.

Forbidden Niches

How can I perform a client site audit before using your service?

Click play to watch the video and remember to expand to full screen.

What are your best practices?

We recommend that your client's website ranks in the top 100 in Google, is not penalized onpage or offpage, has not been spammed with profile links, low quality blog comments, sitewide homepage link networks and has no duplicate, similar or overlapping content caused by author, category, tag or date archives in Wordpress or dynamic pages caused by category and sort by pages in Magento before ordering.

At a minimum the website should pass copyscape and aim to have high quality content that is valuable to readers, not just a bunch of articles on the same topic . Adding a certain degree of anchor text variation is important to avoid having your client's website penalized for overoptimization. We do not automatically add in variations, you must include them with your order.

Can you help get my client's website unpenalized?

We do not provide assistance with external service link removal. However we would be happy to assist you in building a strategy to avoid future penalties.


How easy is it to order?

Play the video to see how to place an order in less than 30 seconds.

How do you use the Spintax Tool?

Click play to watch the video and remember to expand to full screen.

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